Electric Candle
Easy to use with no burning flame grubby electric candle. The 1 watt silicone dipped bulb illuminates from within the candle. The candle measures approx. 4" X 4" it is a hand poured candle with wax icing drizzled on top. The color of the candle and icing is determined by the scent and may be different than pictured. If you wish a specific color please let me know your choice otherwise it will come in the color we have crafted it in. The candle sits in an enamel ware soup plate with black on the rim and a distressed look in various spots. The enamel ware soup plate is approximately 8 inches in diameter and 1-1/8 inch deep. The candle is displayed and comes with rosehip and cinnamon stick potpourri surrounding it that is scented in the same fragrance as the candle. Both the candle and fixins are highly scented. These candle sets make a great alternative to burning candles as they do not have a burning flame but use a silicone dipped candle bulb with electric socket and cord. Great for areas were lit candles are not allowed. The set comes packaged in a cello gift presentation. These make an impressive gift suited for all.
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